Luke Bryan Shocked Over Blake Shelton Dating Gwen Stefani: How’d He Land Her?


Even stars among the country music world were shocked by the news Nov. 4 that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have officially become an item. Superstar Luke Bryan was so floored by the announcement he literally did not believe it! Read on for his priceless reaction.

Luke Bryan, 39, expressed stunned disbelief that Blake Shelton, 39, is officially dating his The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani, 46. He didn’t believe the news when he was told by an E! News reporter on the CMA red carpet and thought it was some kind of trick. He was not only stunned that it was official, but that Blake could land someone like Gwen!
Did he? He didn’t come out about that,” Luke told E! News’ Carissa Loethen on the CMA red carpet after she broke the news of the Blake/Gwen pairing to the country star. “You’re trying to trick me…alright I need to see online where Blake has stated that, and then I will comment on it.” he continued on in shock.

“It can’t be true, because there’s no way Blake could ever score a girl like that. So it’s not true. I mean, come on people!” Well Luke, it is true because right before the CMA awards began,

Gwen’s rep officially confirmed they are togehter!

“Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating,” Gwen’s rep told Us Weekly. The rep also told TMZ that Gwen and Blake wanted to reveal their relationship tonight, Nov. 4, as they celebrate the CMAs in Nashville. They’ll be “attending several after-parties following the awards ceremony,” a source told the news site. As for how long they’ve been dating, Gwen’s rep said, “just days.”

The pair finally came clean after photos of them looking cuddly at Adam Levine‘s Halloween party hit the internet Nov. 4, pretty much forcing them to fess up to their new romance!

“Gwen is so incredibly excited about Blake,” says an exclusive source. “She’s absolutely buzzing right now. She loves waking up every day and can’t wait to start working on the live shows with him. She has butterflies in her stomach and is totally on cloud nine. She hasn’t felt this alive in years.” So sweet!

See more photos below…..

blake-shelton-gwen-stefani-ready-to-go-public-ftr gwen-stefani-blake-shelton-having-fun-ftr gwen-stefani-blake-shelton-halloween-pda-party-ftr


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