Soccer star, Karim Benzema, has reportedly been arrested

Soccer star, Karim Benzema, whom Rihanna was rumored to have dated this summer, has reportedly been arrested following a blackmail case revolving around a sex tape featuring another soccer player. Here is what we know.

Karim Benzema, 27, was reportedly arrested in France on the morning of Nov. 4, as part of an investigation into a sex tape blackmailing case, involving a fellow soccer player, Mathieu Valbuena, 31. Karim, who was rumored to have had a summer a fling with Rihanna, 27, earlier this year, plays for Real Madrid, while meanwhile Mathieu plays for opposing team, France. So, is Karim heading to jail?
Karim was reportedly summoned to a police station in Versailles in order to be questioned about attempted extortion, according to TMZ. The investigation reportedly began back in July, and involves footage of a sex tape, which was all shot on a cell phone.

The current focal point of the investigation is a conversation which took place between Karim and Mathieu back in October. In said conversation, the two discuss the tape, and it is unclear whether Karim is attempting to guide Mathieu in a sticky situation or if he is trying to blackmail him.

So, let’s say Karim is found guilty, and convicted of blackmailing. What would be the penalty? In France, where the investigation is unfolding, Karim could face up to five full years in prison, if he were to get convicted.

RiRi and Karim seemed to be having fun together at the start of summer this year, however, they looked to have broken up around July– and Karim wasted no time moving on with another girl! The soccer superstar shared a video in which he appeared to be snuggling up to Analica Chaves (who previously dated another soccer star, Axel Witsel).

While that social media PDA may have felt like a lowbrow for Rihanna, in light of all this blackmail craziness, perhaps the BBHMM singer dodged a major bullet here.


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