Discover The Best Club In CL History, Undefeated Player Of Arsenal And Other Stats

Day by day the football world introduces a lot of new records and achievements to us.

1. Here are the 10 top clubs of Champions League history.


Real Madrid is at the first place with 506 points and 10 titles.

Bayern Munich is the second with 396 points and five titles.

Barcelona is the third with 357 points and five titles.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson has won 895 games and 38 titles in 1500 matches for his career.


3. Mathieu Flamini is still undefeated in Premier League matches at Emirates Stadium (P50 W34 D16)


4. Manuel Pellegrini is the best coach of the Premier League according to the statistics.

He has won 67,8% of his games.

Mourinho – 67,1%
Ferguson- 65,2%
Anchelotti – 63,2%
Manchini – 61,7%
Wenger – 58,2%
Benitez- 55,5%


Source: news


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