Gwen Stefani: The Emotional Moment She Confronted Gavin Rossdale About Alleged Affair

Poor Gwen Stefani. The singer’s husband, Gavin Rossdale, allegedly cheated on her with their kids’ nanny, and she found out about it at the worst possible time — right before the 2015 Grammy Awards. Find out what reportedly happened when she finally decided to confront him about it.

Enough was enough for Gwen Stefani after Gavin Rossdale’s, alleged 3-year affair with their family nanny, Mindy Mann. Despite previous suspicions, the singer finally decided to confront her husband in February, according to a new report, and it was, understandably, an incredibly emotional time for her.

Gwen admitted during a Nov. 3 interview that her life “basically blew up” 24 hours after the Grammys in February, and according to Us Weekly, that’s because it’s when she finally told Gavin her suspicions about his relationship with Mindy. The confrontation came after the No Doubt front-woman allegedly found disturbing texts between the two, which explains why she seemed on the verge of tears during her Grammys performance with Adam Levine.

But why didn’t Gwen call it quits with her husband of 13 years back in February, then? At the time, Gavin insisted the messages were nothing more than “flirtation,” and with three kids, she decided to try and stick it out even though she reportedly “knew the truth in her heart,” according to the mag. Once Gavin allegedly came clean, though, she pulled the plug.

The ‘fling’ between the rocker and Mindy had reportedly gone on for three years, and there’s been other instances that the 46-year-old suspected something was up. Who could forget those photos of Gavin with his hand on Mindy’s backside during a 2012 hike, with Gwen nowhere in sight?! The Voice coach also couldn’t help but notice that Mindy began dressing and acting just like her — weird!

wen was, naturally, beyond upset after filing for divorce in August, but she’s had some help getting over it from her new man, Blake Shelton. The hot new couple’s relationship was confirmed by their reps on Nov. 4, and a new report claims that it’s even possible they’re expecting their first child together!


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