Ja Rule Slams Rival 50 Cent: ‘I Don’t Care About That Man’

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have had one of the most longstanding feuds in rap history and it doesn’t sound like it’ll end anytime soon! Ja recently revealed that he doesn’t give a ‘f**k’ that 50 just filed for bankruptcy. Yikes!

The Ja Rule and 50 Cent feud lives on. The rappers have been beefing since the early 2000’s and they can’t seem to shelf their problems and just move on. Instead they are constantly battling with diss tracks or in the press and now Ja has slammed 50 once again in a new interview! Take cover!

Ja spoke with HipHopDX about his MTV reality show Follow The Rules, and the subject quickly turned to his longtime enemy, 50 Cent. When asked what Ja thought about 50 filing for bankruptcy Ja told it straight: “I don’t care about that man. Good luck to that man. I hope he finds himself in a situation where he feels more comfortable. I don’t really give a f**k. Honestly, I don’t. I can care less yo.” At least he’s honest!

They’ve had a feud that dates back to 2000, when Ja accused 50 Cent of stealing an expensive chain of his. The feud got worse and more public and 50 put out several diss tracks about Ja. One of the most famous is “Back Down,” which was released in 2003 with lyrics like “You’s a Pop Tart, sweetheart, you soft in the middle/I eat ya for breakfast, the watch was an exchange for your necklace.” It’s safe to say this feud will never really be over but hopefully they can just move on.


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