(VIDEO) Click inside to WATCH!…………Seth Rogen Ends Feud With Justin Bieber: ‘I Want Him On My Side’

It’s over! Justin Bieber and his favorite comedian, Seth Rogen, have finally resolved their ‘beef’ — and it might be thanks to the ‘Sorry’ singers recent nudes!

Seth Rogen, 33, is ready to let bygones by bygones when it comes to Justin Bieber, 21. The Night Before actor was more than happy to bury the hatchet with the Biebs on Wednesday, Nov. 11, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he revealed the reason why he really wants Justin on his side.


Yes, it’s official, Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen are friends again! Or, well, maybe just friends for the first time… but either way, their feud is over and hopefully for good. While talking to Ellen, Seth shared that the two of them had a “beef” because he called Justin a bunch of “mean” things on Twitter. However, the actor explained that he did it for no reason in particular, and now he and Justin were ready to move forward.

“All of this time I had only met him once, very briefly, and it was honestly a very pleasant interaction,” Seth told Ellen. “I finally saw him today in the hallway of your show and I guess we made up, which is fantastic.” It is fantastic, Seth! As you can see in the clip, Ellen is really happy to see these two getting along again, too.

However, Seth revealed that he wanted to make up with Justin thanks to his, ahem, naked pictures. “In light of recent photos I want him on my side,” Seth joked, which had the audience cracking up. Too funny!

Even better? Later on in the interview Justin comes out wearing a huge mask of Seth’s face! Just before the clip ends you see Justin take off the mask and shake Seth’s hand on-camera. Justin was really hoping to mend his relationship with Seth because he’s such a huge fan of the actor. So, thanks to the magic of Ellen, this celebrity feud has come to an end!


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