‘We All Have Nipples’; Khloe Kardashian Doesn’t Give ‘A F***’ If She Has A Nip Slip

Khloe Kardashian is sounding off about her opinion on nips slips, and she claims she has ‘zero f***s’ if one happens to her again. She once had the wardrobe malfunction happen live on national TV and jokes about it now! Check out the hilarious clip below!

Khloe Kardashian, 31, and her bestie Malika Haqq, 32, have put together a hilarious new piece about nip slips for her awesome app segment “Ebony and Ivory.” In the latest edition, the pair play a game of “No F***s Given.” and Khloe relays a hilarious story about a wardrobe malfunction when she accidentally exposed her right nipple on Fox News! Watch the pair play the game in the clip, but be forewarned, the language is definitely NSFW!

Khloe’s nip slip took place when she was doing a live interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends show alongside sister Kourtney, 36, in June 2011. She went braless in a black top that had sheer paneling on the sides and sleeves. Unfortunately, her right nipple strayed from the darker black front of the blouse during the course of the segment, exposing her nipple on live TV! She chatted with the hosts for two full minutes like that as her wardrobe malfunction was happening!

But she totally rolled with it after the incident, taking to her Twitter and proclaiming “I f***ing love nipples!!!!” “I had a nip slip and I loved it!” “My mom just called me saying my nip slip is ‘all over the internet!’ Ha! Is it weird that I love it?!” as she completely owned the situation.

When Khloe and Malika play a game of “No F***s Given on Nip Slips” for her app, the reality star shares an amazing story about one of her own unfortunate incidents. “I’ve actually ended up having a nip slip that ended up on Fox News, as I was doing an interview for Fox News” Khloe shares while holding a glass of white wine. “But zero f***s given cause we all have f***ing nipples male or female” to which Malika replies “you’re welcome!” as Khloe smiles and sips her wine. Cheers to that Khloe!


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