I once told myself I’d never say goodbye to any woman I find myself dating no matter what the problem might be, and it’s been so since I started dating, I never broke up with any of my women, not that I’ve not broken hearts, off-course I’ve had my fair share of that but I have my way of saying goodbye without actually putting it into words. Once I get tired of putting up with your bullshit, I’ll be gone before you know what hits you.

NO! It’s not being a coward but a way to be sure I’m not at fault. Before leaving, I’ll be sure to let you know what you’re doing wrong to hurt the relationship and what we need to work on to make it work, but once I feel you’re not willing to, I’ll have no choice but to leave without saying goodbye….. I give a lot of chances for changes though, but I don’t allow the expressions of my feelings to be unnecessaily taken advantage of.

So, recently, I got involved with this devil that almost changed all my rules; well she almost did succeed; she succeeded in making me say those “I’m no more interested” break up line to her. I had to get rid of her by all means; she really got into my skin. It was really difficult to shake her off but with her help, I was able to pull it off.

I really hate when people try to take advantage of me, my love for you will be willing to do anything to make you stay, even if it means adjusting my dating rules but this girl actually made it possible to shake her off by continuously taking advantage of me.

This leads to questions bugging me;

Why do women act out of love when they’re actually in love? And when he leaves, they open their eyes and realize their foolish mistakes. By then it’d be too late to right those mistakes because you don’t expect the man to wait for you while you come back to your senses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not possible to make things right; what I’m saying is, most times you don’t get the chance to right them.

To make your man happy, you need to know how he thinks;

A man always wants to be ahead, thinking and making plans on how to get ahead, men don’t need the distraction women brings. A man needs a woman to make plans with, not women who will distract them.

If you’re not being understanding as a woman, you’re a distraction. Learn to support your man, listen to him and never judge his actions, call his attention to his mistakes and never make assumptions. Don’t embarrass him in public (Ego things). Respect is reciprocal.

All these been my own opinion, open to criticism but just remember not to be sentimental about your views. Chao!


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