Lizzy is pretty

With a beautiful face

She attracts the heart

Of even the wealthiest and most powerful Kings

With her simple smile, her simple dress with class.

She wears cheap beautiful dresses but she’s not cheap

She listens and sways to the sound of music

Sexy and seductive but she doest know it

The innocent look on her face bears her age

With the way she closes, opens and rolls her eyes,

It’s evidence of serenity and the peace she feels within,

Oblivious of the world’s insanity.

Little Lizzy smiles as a youngman approached

He swayed with her

She swayed with him

They both danced and laughed

Until he started having other motives

He put his arms round her waist

She swayed with him

He got a little bold and pressed her to himself

She pulled back and smiled

He tried again

This time she turned around and backed him

He pressed his body to her back

She swayed with him

Enjoying the warmth of his body

He placed a hand on her shoulder

They swayed together to the sound of music

Then there was a kiss to her neck

A hand on her breast,

She pulled away, looked into his eyes

And smiled innocently

Teasing the monster

Before he could grab her

She ran off, thinking how good it felt to be desired.


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