Count your days
Count your years
My dear you’re growing old in age
My dear, are you growing mentally?
Are you growing in other areas apart from age?

How old are you?
Are you ripe for marriage and you’re still not interested?
Have your cousins/nephews been calling you ‘sis/bro’?
Are you still waiting for the right one?
Are you not closing doors instead of leaving it opened?
Are you aware that your ego could be a problem?
Are you not holding to the hurt of the past?

We know what we want
We don’t know how to get it
We have tried many ways
We have tried external
We need results
We want to be successful
We believe in prosperity
We want to be known for success
We want what most of y’all want
We are unique
We hate poverty
We are hardworking
We love GOD
We believe in GOD
We believe in JESUS as the son of GOD

Excuse your ego
We did….. done.
Know your limit
We do
Work hard
We are
Be strong
We are
Do your best
It’s what we’ve been doing
Find you way?
We are still searching
We believe it’s around somewhere
We gonna get it soon


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