Positive Drug

The state of my mind this Monday morning is greatness.

I look around and I’m disappointed at where I am at the moment.

The single thought of disappointment almost deflate my already blown baloon.

Thanks to the mirror which displayed my smile and showed me the strength in my smile.

Smiling is healthy for the mind, it erases doubt and gives you a sense of pride.

When you’re happy, you fly above negativity. When you’re flying, do not forget to fly high and protect yourselves against spikes(negative people) that might deflate you.

To be happy always you must live above hate. Hatred denies you of being happy. 

Forgive and be wise. Move on stay happy.

Be Positive, Positivity is happiness.


“I Swear Dem Go Pay, Make I Enter Naija” – Davido Vows 

​“I Swear Dem Go Pay, Make I Enter Naija” – Davido Vows To Deal With The Thugs That Beat Up Zlatan Ibile

Nigerian Rapper, Zlatan Ibile, who has been taking care of Internet sensation Segun Wire was badly beaten by the Family of the little boy.

The fast rising rapper was mercilessly beaten yesterday for taking away the little boy away from his Family even though it was glaring the singer was only helping the little boy.

News of the ugly incident got to superstar musician, Davido and he has voiced out to deal with everyone involved in the silly act.

Davido commented on the Zlatan’s incident video

These idiots including Segun wire’s parent need to be dealt with.

We pray the Lord wipe your tears @ Zlatan.

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Forever is a promise

I gave it all to you and I don’t want it back.

Since I met you and you let me in I’ve experienced a lot

When you came in you met a lot but you didn’t care, it was me you wanted 

With your love I became satisfied, you quench all of my thirst 

The thought of you drives out any immoral thought emanating from my mind due to what my eyes are seeing 

You’re the sweetest of all the humans on earth, the joy you brought me has turned me to the envy of my friends, they all wanna know why am better 

In this life and the next one I choose you over all for you’re a Darling sweetheart

My heart is merry whenever I make you smile, I’m always happy to see you smile at me 

The strength you give when you hold my hand is the reason why we keep moving

On that faithful joyous day when we’ll both say I do, the whole world is gonna come celebrate with us

I wish I can find a better way of expressing my heart to you my Honeybunch, I really wish I could 

My heart is all yours. You can be trusted.

I gave it all to you and I don’t want it back.

These are the Nigerians that featured in the “Black Panther” Movie (Photos) #BlackPanther

Black Panther is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It seems the movie will take major awards in the year 2018 and also break records. Apart from the fact it is an all-black heroes’ cast movie, it is also interesting to know that some actors of Nigerian descent were also featured in the movie.

According to report, there are about five Nigerian actors that featured in the Black Panther movie and this will surely bring excitement to Nigerian movie lover and may also increase the revenue the movies will like accrue in the country at the cinemas.

These are the Nigerians that featured in the “Black Panther” Movie (Photos)

….…just a brief bio of the Nigerian casts in the Black Panther movie.

Tunde Laleye

Tunde Laleye is a Nigerian and indigene of Lagos state. He moved to the United States with his family in 1997 where he completed his secondary school education. He is a registered nurse and studied the Eric Morris Process of Acting. He has acted in several films and television series including Zoo and MacGyver. He is a Border Tribesman (uncredited) in the Black Panther.

Sope Aluko

Sola Aluko was part of the cast in the popular movie Pitch Perfect 2. The Nigerian-born mother of two speaks four languages including her native language, Yoruba. She has two degrees in marketing and engineering and also studied Drama education at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and has performed at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tari Omoro Jr.

Tari is an American of Nigerian descent. He fell in love with acting while studying computer science at the Tyler Junior College. He was a member of the crew of the box office film, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. Black Panther will be his first film. He is a Jabari Drummer (uncredited).

David Opegbemi
Not much is known about Opegbemi. He played the role of a Club Patron in the TV series, Empire, in 2017. He is a Jabari Warrior in Black Panther.

Amechi Okocha
Okocha is an American-born Nigerian. He has featured in so many movies, even way back in 2012. His best performance in any movie seemed to be in the 2013 film, Speechless. He plays the role of Bueze in the Black Panther.


Juan Mata or Davido: Who is richer?

“If I tell you say I love you oh, my money, my body na your own oh” once you sing this line to any Nigerian, you are almost certain to get a reply of “30 billion for the account e yo.”

This is how popular the song ‘if’ by Davido has gotten – but the question is, how much is Davido worth? Does he have the self acclaimed 30 billion naira in his account?

Today at NAIJ.com we will be looking the artiste Davido and how much the Omo Baba olowo is worth, comparing his net worth with Manchester United star Juan Mata.

Sounds interesting right?

Well for starters, Davido is an outstanding musician and his real name is David Adedeji Adeleke. He is a great and versatile artiste and record producer who has been doing as much as he can to increase the development of the Nigerian musical industry.

The 25-year-old came into great eminence apparently in 2011 when he stormed the music industry with his hit single Dami Duro – a song he solely produced.

The hit single was received by a massive audience within and outside Nigeria, and soon, it gave the pop star one of the significant musical awards in Africa to widen his musical ambit and further strengthen his presence in the industry.

It has become known that Davido net worth was approximately $16m (N5.7bn) at the end of 2016. Davido’s songs gain more than 10m views on YouTube.

His songs are the main income, but, as any other famous person, Adedeji Adeleke has additional proceeds. He signs profitable contracts with record groups and performs at their concerts.

Juan Mata’s net worth:

Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata has an estimated net worth of $63.4m ( N22.8bn.) he is not even worth up to the N30bn, Davido boast about, but from all indications he is richer than the musician.

Mata transferred to Chelsea in 2011 after his four-year stint with the Valencia. He led the team in clinching the UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League title in 2011-12 and 2012-13 respectively. After his successful run with the Chelsea, he agreed to move to Manchester United in 2014.

Viewers react to Nina and Miracle having sex on #BBNaija [Day 20 recap]

​Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 20.

Check out a recap of day 20, including social media reactions.

Nina and Miracle have sex

Nigerians have reacted to a video of Nina and Miracle supposedly having sex. This was after the weekly house party, which already had most of the housemates drunk.

Yesterday was also Miracle’s birthday. The couple have come under attack, not just for ‘having sex’ on Live TV, but also because Nina is in a relationship outside the house.

It is not certain if they actually had sex or were just dry humping.

A drunk K. Brule tried to kiss Leo, and got into a fight with Khloe

There’s no clip of K. Brule trying to kiss Leo, but from the conversations amongst the housemates, a drunk Brule tried kissing Leo.

The latter told his partner Khloe, who tried to have a conversation with him. An argument started, with the two insulting themselves and their parents.

Several housemates shared their thoughts, taking sides with K.Brule. According to Cee C, Alex, Angel and Ifu Ennada, Khloe didn’t handle the issue well.

Big Brother had called K.Brule into the diary room, however, viewers weren’t let in on the conversation.

Princess and Bitto get into a fight

Princess was furious after the party and called out Bitto for keeping his marital status a secret. According to her, Biggie had told her that her partner was married.

She was angry that Bitto didn’t tell her, and that it would affect their votes. She reminded him of how Nigerians were against TTT the previous year for leading Bisola on despite being married.

Bitto tried explaining that he wasn’t married, but Princess was too angry to pay attention.

A boring DJ and house party

Following last weekend’s house party which saw DJ Exclusive entertain housemates and viewers, a boring DJ was brought on the show.

While the housemates tried to hide their disappointment, Viewers took to Twitter to share their annoyance.

What was your favourite part of Big Brother Naija day 20?

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BBNaija 2018 housemates, Miracle and Nina had se x in bed early this morning (+18 video)

Miracle and Nina finally threw caution to the wind and got down/dirty beneath their duvet early today. The ‘strategic’ partners had se x with one another, and the cameras showed Miracle thrusting away while Nina stayed expressionless.

Miracle having an orgasm was also shown briefly. He stood up after, went into their joint closet to clean himself up and later to the kitchen to fix himself a snack. 

Bill Gates reveals the 2 reasons he’s giving away his $90 billion fortune

In the annual Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation letter, Bill Gates explains why he is giving all his money away.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released its annual letter. In the letter, Bill and Melinda say they give away their money because doing so is both meaningful and fun. The two say they do the work “because it’s our life.” In 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates started The Giving Pledge along with their friend (and fellow billionaire) Warren Buffett.
As part of that effort, they pledged to give most of their wealth to charity during their lifetime or to commit to doing so after death. The Gates family has been making good on this pledge for nearly two decades through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which donates money in hopes of improving healthcare and bringing people out of poverty across the world, among other things.

In the foundation’s annual letter, released this week, Bill Gates explained why he and Melinda were giving away the Microsoft fortune.

According to Bill Gates, it comes down to two reasons: The work is both meaningful and fun.

“Even before we got married, we talked about how we would eventually spend a lot of time on philanthropy,” he wrote in the letter. “We think that’s a basic responsibility of anyone with a lot of money. Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your children, the best use of extra wealth is to give it back to society.”

Melinda attributes her interest in philanthropy to her upbringing in the Catholic Church, which taught her to value social justice. “We both come from families that believed in leaving the world better than you found it,” she wrote.

The Gates’ love of the work is easy to see in the way they discuss their various initiatives on Facebook and in the Gates Notes blog. (The classic example of this is the video in which Bill Gates takes a few sips from a device that turns feces into drinking water.)

“At Microsoft, I got deep into computer science,” Bill Gates said in the letter. “At the foundation, it’s computer science plus biology, chemistry, agronomy, and more. I’ll spend hours talking to a crop researcher or an HIV expert, and then I’ll go home, dying to tell Melinda what I’ve learned.”

Bill Gates has said in the past that his children won’t be billionaires since he’s giving so much money away — but that they are heavily involved in the foundation.

“Bill and I have been doing this work, more or less full-time, for 18 years,” Melinda Gates wrote. “That’s the majority of our marriage. It’s almost the entirety of our children’s lives. We do the work because it’s our life.”

I Don’t Use My Dad’s Influence To Get Things Done Like Davido – DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola has revealed that she doesn’t exploit her father’s influence to get things done like Davido does. Most people would believe that since her father is rich and influential, she would always have it easy where others find it very difficult.

But such is not the case all the time for the alluring DJ recently turned performing artiste. During her chat with E-Daily, DJ Cuppy her dad’s name rarely opens all doors for her though she is the daughter of an oil magnate popularly know.
Her words:

“People have to understand that just because I was born into my family does not mean that it opens all doors, that is everyone’s outside perspective. My inside perspective is just being someone’s child; how can being someone’s child be used against you?

I can walk into a room and before I even open my mouth, everyone has decided, and it’s like you are not giving a young woman a chance to even prove herself.”

She added that unlike Davido, she is not the type who would exploit her father’s influence to get things done.

“The only difference between Davido and I is that he decided to use the influence as an advantage from an early stage.

So David was like I am ‘omo baba olowo’ (OBO), take it or leave it! I’m not that kind of person, he was smart though, because before you can even do anything, he has already told you he is the son of a millionaire.

He did his brand thing well and he’s about that lush life, he lives large and he’s not apologising for who he is,” she said.

Davido condemns Tobi for always begging Cee-C in the BBNaija house

DMW boss Davido, who is obviously a “no-nonsense” man, has utterly bastardized BBNaija’s Tobi over his attitude of always begging fellow housemate Cee-C like he was some sort of a “woman wrapper” which Davido thinks he is.

As far as 2018’s edition of Big Brother Nigeria is concerned, the relationship between Tobi and Cee-C is the most criticized in the house due to the fact that Cee-C seems to be manipulating Tobi and the young man is keeps falling for every bit of her manipulation. This has made fans of the show to detest the young man greatly, even Davido.

Just last night after all the housemates mentioned what they disliked about each other, Cee-C made Tobi beg her for feeling bad about what everyone said about her. Can you even imagine that??? They both trended on Twitter last night as Twitter Naija slammed her for the behavior. To worsen the whole matter, Tobi couldn’t help but beg!!!

Singer Davido has now reacted to their affair by taking to his Twitter account to address the situation saying; “I f*ck with Tobi but if he wins that money, we all know who’s account that money will be going to. Say make I wire-wire.”